Increasing antioxidant protection during mebendazole and AKβ vitamin complex treatment of experimental trichinellosis in rats


To enhance the effect of treatment method of Trichinellosis with mebendazole, lipid peroxidation processes (LPP) in blood of Wistar rats experimentally infected with Trichinella spiralis were investigated. In accordance with health condition of infected rats treated with mebendazole and combination of mebendazole and AKβ vitamin complex, dynamics of the main values of the LPP (such as: activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT) in erythrocytes and malonic dialdehyde (MDA) concentration in blood serum) were analyzed. It was concluded that mebendazole amplifies the LPP in rat’s blood. Additional administrations of the AKβ vitamin complex allow improvement of LPP parameters, raising compensatory-adaptive reactions of the host organism and reducing the rate of the experimental animal’s mortality.


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